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Candid Talk with Adite Banerjie

Today, Adite Banerjie has graced our site, and I have had the pleasure of getting some insightful information regarding the traditional publishing world of India today. While our intention is not at all to bring out only the negatives of traditional publishing, we want aspiring writers to make a conscious decision while choosing their path. In the upcoming interviews, we will even talk about the pros and cons of indie publishing and other routes too. 

Adite Banerjie is one of the most outspoken authors I have met. She never minces her words to put out her thoughts. And I really appreciate that. Dear readers and especially aspiring writers, this interview is for you. 

Hi Adite, 
Thanks for being such a big support to our new venture. And congratulations on the wonderful success of Destiny's Girl. It’s such a romantic story. I have read it when it was in its first print and I still remember the story. 

Hi Rubina. Thanks for your kind words.  It’s totally my pleasure to be part of your new initiative. Your support has always meant a lot to me and I wish you all the very best in all your endeavors. 

How are you enjoying the Indie platform? What is the biggest difficulty you had to face when you entered this platform?

Taking the plunge into something new is exciting and also very scary. But no matter how much you plot and plan, you will never know whether it is the right step or not unless you actually take it. The trigger for me -- to go indie -- was when I got back the rights of my traditionally published books. And I decided that there is no time like right now! Once I’d made the decision, excitement took over. I edited my first book and re-christened it “Destiny’s Girl”. When I had a new cover, I just wanted to show off to the world! LOL. Then, there was nothing to hold me back. Pressing the publish button gave me a new sense of freedom. It was like I was the mistress of my own destiny! Haha... Much drama, right? But what to do...I’m a romance author, after all? :D

 I’m enjoying the ride and taking the challenges in my stride. I’m discovering that the Indie author community is extremely supportive and that’s a good space to be in. The best part is, I’m learning to trust my instincts and go with the flow. I’m looking at indie authorship more as a marathon, rather than a sprint -- and I intend to have fun all the way. :) 

Adite, many have this misconception that writers who can’t make it big, become Indie. But you had made it big and yet came back to the indie platform, why?

I did have a ringside view of the traditional publishing scene and I was hugely disappointed at the way things functioned. The traditional publishing world is stuck in a time warp. Things move excruciatingly slowly -- be it in terms of evaluating a manuscript or even responding to an email. What’s worse is the utter lack of transparency and the negative attitude of people who are supposed to be in the author’s camp! I was not enjoying writing anymore and in fact, there came a point when I did stop writing! That’s when I decided I had had enough. I wanted out and frankly speaking, I’ve never been more at peace. I’m back to writing--and ever since I turned indie, my creative juices have begun flowing once again. Go, figure! :) 

What’s your next release? Do share something with our readers which will be a peekaboo to it. We are very happy souls if we know something extra about our favourite authors that other readers don’t know. :D

 I’m finishing up a brand new manuscript. It’s a romantic comedy set in Mumbai and is called “Bombay Heights”. It’s about Sanjana, a girl who has dreams and aspirations but has always been under the thumb of an over-protective family. So her one act of rebellion is when she moves to Mumbai to fulfill her dreams. However, in life -- and in fiction -- things never go as planned, do they? Soon she is dealing with competitive colleagues and an impossibly demanding client. In the mix is a hot and sexy neighbor whom she alternately hates and flirts with. And then there is her ex-boyfriend who’s trying to wheedle his way back into her life. How does it all come together for Sanjana? Or is she destined to be ‘sleepless in the city of dreams’?   

      4. Lavender Rose :) Do you remember the discussions we had about this rose of yours. A rare beauty. What made you make it the backdrop of your story?

      Yes, of course. How can I forget? :D  I wanted an intriguing motif for my story, Destiny’s Girl. Something that was unique; that would, in turn, drive my protagonist, Maya, towards her goal of revenge against the man who had destroyed her father. But as the story progressed, it became a symbol of love. Something to be cherished, to be nurtured. Maya and the lavender rose will always go together.  

5. Adite, being an Indie author, what rules have you implemented on yourself as a writer?  (eg. editing /cover making etc)

 It’s important that I give my readers an enjoyable read. So, while it is true that I can’t predict whether my readers will “love” my story, I can only try my best. However, in terms of the reading experience, I can definitely ensure that my readers get to read content that is well written and edited. So editing is number one priority for me. A professionally designed cover is also key to a book’s success. I’m trying to make sure that on these aspects, I can meet my readers’ expectations. 

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At June 1, 2018 at 7:10 PM , Anonymous Ravi Bedi said...

The present day trad-publishers openly admit they do not do any publicity/marketing for their books. Once they publish they wash their hands off and leave the rest to the author. So, if you're not an author/salesman combined, your books do not move. I've had this experience with Rupa Publishers for my book "Lovers' Rock", which did not rock. As a result of which, they rejected all four my fresh offers. I had two choices: Either sit on those manuscripts and grow onions in my backyard, or go the self-publishing route. I followed the latter and, despite making a lot of noise on Facebook, haven't got anywhere. What keeps you going is the love for telling stories, period. I'm glad Adite has reached somewhere. My best wishes for her continues success.


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