Saturday, May 5, 2018

Book Review: Carthick's Unfairy Tales by T F Carthick

Carthick's Unfairy Tales

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have savored every word in this book. Such a unique concept. Kudos to the author for thinking of this in the first place. The first story itself made me sit up and pay attention to the series. How many of us, and when I say us - I mean fairy tale lovers, have thought of the Cinderella story from the POV of a mouse? At least I haven't. I think our Ms. Ella became one of us by just being the human she was in this story. I, for one, am no longer jealous of her :)

Another story that left an impact on me was the pied piper story. Such a beautiful tale which ends in tragedy. I had never understood why this tale was ever a part of our kid's collection. I have always found this story to be morbid and more for the adults rather than the kids. And Karthik has today substantiated my theory with his take on this one.

The cutest one would be my all time favorite - Goldilocks. How I have hated her golden curls all my life. For a child whose curls were more inclined towards Golliwog, Goldilocks was a bane in my life. I am just glad that the Little Bear thought the same. Always loved the little bear :D

Never thought I would feel sorry for Rumplestiltskin, for he came out as a hero rather than the villain in this take of Karthik's fairy tale. I think women will like this reformed jake in his tragic avatar a lot.

All in all, loved all the stories. Some made me think and while other made me wonder what if - I think the author had captured the true essence of a fairy tale. As with the mythologies today, why can't we bend the fairy tales too to keep up with the need of the hour? Kudos to the author for imagining out of the box. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

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