Tuesday, April 24, 2018


The Title of the Story: Cherished 
Author: Reshma Ranjan
Cover: Goes well with the story. 
Editing:  Great.
The language of the author: Simple and easy to understand.  
Star Rating: 4 stars. 

This book is a continuation of the author's previous book A Promise.  It picks up where the previous book had left off and many of the characters from A Promise revisits in this one. Sunanda is the in the same position that Sunaina was in the last story. But she is perkier and is a fighter. I liked the way the author has decided to bring closure to the villain in this book. My peeve in the previous book was that the villains didn't get their dues which the author has taken care of in this book.

I would have loved the book to be longer. The story has a very humane touch and your heart will reach out to both Sunaina and Sunanda. There is only one thing I would have liked to have been different in this book. The setting. When compared to the previous book, there are not many changes in this book. But then its understandable since the villain had to come to a full circle, which it did.

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