Thursday, February 22, 2018

Just Because we are daughters, Do we love our parents less? Priti asks in her review of Destined

I am not an agony aunt but after my book, Destined has come out I am getting a few letters from reviewers and readers which are pertaining to the subject - CAN A DAUGHTER LOOK AFTER HER PARENTS EVEN AFTER MARRIAGE?

Here is one review that has touched my heart.

One of the main reasons, I loved this book was because I went through a similar situation. My father was suffering from Stage IV cancer and his chances of survival were not much and doctors have given him very few years to live. Along with my mom, I was mainly responsible for taking care of him. My mom thought it would be better that if I marry a guy while my dad was alive. After lots of persuasion I finally agreed for an arranged match. But the moment guys would know about my dad’s illness and my main wish to stay in city and take care of him, they would just simply run away. The worst part was when one of guy who has refused the match earlier, asked to marry me again when my dad passed away. When my family asked him that why did he refuse earlier, he answered “If I would have married her earlier, she would not have focused on me and my family but now with her dad being out of picture, I am sure she would be a good match”

The full review can be read here and here is another question that a reader has asked:  When faced with such a situation what should I do - be the mother, the wife or the daughter? Can I have a few answers here please before giving mine? I think this is not an opinion that I can impart. But this should be a collective decision both men and women have to take. 



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