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Name of the Book:  The Royal Roommate
Author: P. G Van
Star Rating: 4 stars 
Goodreads: Read the Blurb here 

The Story:

Is a cute story of Royalty. She was taken away from her family due to unforeseen circumstances. She grew up knowing nothing but an ordinary life full of love. She had a mom, a dad and a brother whom she loved yet the shadows of the past refused to release her from its clutches.

One day finally it caught up with her in the form of an injured man and Sid.  The injured man brought Sid into her life as a roommate. She had not bargained for a man as her roommate in the first place and definitely not a hot, virile male who could send her blood boiling with passion with just a look.  As the mystery unfolds, Amy and Sid come closer to each other but the dangers that lurk in the shadows cannot be ignored.

The pace of the story is good. Every scene merges into the previous one seamlessly and you can follow Amy's journey without missing any turns. It's quite a linear story line with the characters all falling into place.

The love story:
Between Amy and Sid is hot and not much of a conflict between them - which I loved. I am fed up of reading why a girl can't have a boy or vice versa. Here they face the difficulties as a team which I found very beautiful. Amy knows she is already in love with Sid, even without knowing his identity. And when she comes to know she does feel the insecurity and the fear - again well executed by Ms. Van.

The Boldness in the story:
Definitely not for those who are shy of reading about sex. Ms. Van is a bold writer who is not afraid to indulge into the deepest corners of er - sensual acts. Refreshing from some of the romance writers who still make use of roses and lovebirds to speak about sex.  On the other hand, the book is not all about sex and has a beautiful story of a princess who needs to be found and given the reigns of her country.

The Characters
The story has a make-believe land and kingdoms to go with the settings. They are well crafted. But it made it difficult for me to place Amy and Sid into any particular race or culture. To some, this might be a treat for you can let your imagination run wild.

“It’s part Aussie and part British with a bit of American now.” 

And trained to always save the queen. Interesting!

I have read Ms. Van's other books and I know she gives a very vivid description of her characters. So much so that they remain etched in your mind. Here, the scene and the plots are much stronger than the description of the characters. I have not forgotten Nick yet, Ms. Van.

The Plot: 
Where I found the character sketching to be a bit less, the plot is much stronger, precise and a page-turner. The ending is not blown out of proportion and ends without much screaming and bloodshed - ok a few drops are allowed in a romance.

The Rating:
Is purely based on the style of writing which I found to be peppy and fast. Editing is well done and overall a well-written romance.


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