Monday, July 31, 2017

Book Review: The Blue House in Bishop by Sunanda Chatterjee

Name of the Book: The Blue House in Bishop
Author: Sunanda Chatterjee
Star Rating: 5 stars 
Goodreads: Read the Blurb here 

Alisha Raj is a cop who had lost her faith in the system. She resigns and falls into the nitty gritty of family life, with her mother pressurizing her to marry. As with many young girls in India, the expectations to marry mounts up after a certain age. So when her mother finds a right match for her, she couldn't  refuse and decides to meet the guy.

She is pleasantly surprised to find that Dr. Sunil Samant has no inclination to marry her either but is also agreeing under duress, due to his mother's illness. But fate binds them in a friendship and they both decide to pretend to accept their mom's desires and give this a try. Alisha goes to the USA to live with Sunil and meets his 'broken friend', Duke Wilcox. And that is a fatal attraction.

But The Blue House in Bishop is not a simple love story. It has layers upon layers upon layers of mysteries. Two federal agents, one woman with red hair and a small girl child who is not what she seems. makes this novel a very interesting read.

I love this new style of writing by Sunanda Chatterjee. I have read her other books and was pleasantly surprised with her bold style of writing in this one. By bold, I don't only mean the sensual scenes that this book has but the character of Alisha. She is spunky, breaking our traditional taboos and yet her softer side is not eclipsed. Sunil and Duke provide the perfect combination of friendship and the dark brooding young guy.

The red haired lady is now another story. And also here lies my only peeve. I would have rather had Alisha open the layers rather than it being told all at once. But yes I do agree that writing a romance with mystery, balancing between both the genres is a precarious walk. One tends to favor one side more than the other. In that way, I must praise Ms. Chatterjee's craftsmanship. Except for the revelation scene, the whole story is gripping. Gripping. I couldn't put it down even if I wanted to. After a long time, I can say, I found this book 'unputdownable.'


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