Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Come November and it is a writing marathon! Set a target of word count and meet your target within the deadline. Thirty days of November indeed turns out to be precious and has paved the way for many successful writers. It is the month of NaNoWriMo and no one wants to lag behind in the writing race!

“I started my novel spree writing thanks to Nanowrimo in 2013. Choices: A Novel was the product. At that time my Hubpages friends were my writing buddies. Honestly, little did I know that I will catch this bug? But, honestly so far I
am happy with this microbe in and around me because it gives me the satisfaction to tame the characters and plot 'as I like’,” said Ruchira Khanna, a biochemist turned writer and an established author.

Something that might seem like a Herculean task, but it gets completed in no time as you abide by your daily word count deadlines. It sure seems like a great way to kickstart the manuscript for the novel whose idea you have been harbouring in your heart for long. “I completed a whole novel in NaNoWriMo 2015, and was very thrilled about it. It was an exercise that helped me to stay on the path of writing, as I had to complete a mandatory number of words a day. Thus, it was more for a sense of fulfillment and completion that I took part. This year, I decided to participate just half an hour before the event took off! All because I wanted to be part of that amazing energy from NaNoWriMo that played a huge role in energizing my writing as well,” said Deepti Menon, whose latest release ‘Shadow in the Mirror’ is making waves in the world of books.

The excitement this whole process generates is infectious! If you have participated in it once, it is impossible to miss on it the next time. “NanoWrimo 2013 saw the writing of Equinox, which got published. I love the whole process and excitement of the 'spree', irrespective of whether it does get published or not. This year, I have begun rather slowly, but others talking and joking about their targets encourages me! NanoWrimo rocks!” said Madhuri Maitra, an established author. 

The group energy and its zing is something that keeps the pen at work till the deadline for the day is met. “The adrenalin flow is something and keeps us going and that in turn motivates me to fight my laziness in writing,” said Reshma Ranjan, romance novelist. 

Be it peer pressure, the adrenaline rush or the opportunity to pave the way to the final manuscript, November indeed turns out to be a very useful month for writers! 

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