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Interview with author Varsha Dixit about her latest romance 'Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right'

Romance found her. Yes, it did! Here's the author who weaves magical tales of love, especially by the night when there's pin drop silence, and here she talks about love, romance, stories and how they all happened.

Sanchita: Is Varsha Dixit a romantic at heart? How did you happen to choose ‘Contemporary romance’ as your genre?

Varsha: Heck yes! Varsha Dixit is a romantic at heart but only when she is plotting her stories. Otherwise she is just downright silly and sunny. I think the genre chose me for when I sat down to write my first book, I had planned a murder/horror story. But then Nandini and Sneha’s character popped in my mind and I wrote about them instead. I abandoned my ghouls and killers. 

Sanchita: What was the story behind getting started with your first romance novel? That one signal which made you conclude that you had to be a romance writer?

Varsha: There was no signal as such. When I wrote my first I was grappling some big emotional changes in my life. My father, whom I was very close to, passed away suddenly. Writing helped me fill the big void to an extent and helped me overcome depression.

Sanchita: According to you which genre sells the most and why?

Varsha: I really have no idea which genre sells or why? What I believe is that a good story sells because those are the books readers get attached to.

Sanchita: As a bestselling author, what would be your best advice to upcoming/ debutante authors for marketing their books?

Varsha: Don’t give up on your dreams, don’t whine and don’t be shy from being your worst critic.

Sanchita: What time of the day are you most romantic? In other words when is the best time of the day for you to sit down and pen magic in the world of romance?

Varsha: I’m most creative in the night. Once everyone has gone to sleep, and the house is quiet, is when I like to write.

Sanchita: What would be your one-line definition of love?

Varsha: Love cannot be limited not even by death.

Sanchita: Who is your favourite couple that epitomizes love? And why? Could be anyone, real life, reel life, known personality, friends or family members?

Varsha: I don’t have one but three favourite couples, Nandini and Aditya, Sneha and Nikhil and now Gayatri and Viraj. For their love is based on acceptance, unconditional adoration and is sexy and supportive.

Sanchita: Sneak peek into your next project?

Varsha: Another book which will primarily be about romance and something else. Will have to keep the readers guessing for some time..

Rapid fire round (First thought at the mention of these words):
a.       Stem glasses: Wine
b.      Red: Blood
c.       Valentine’s: February
d.      Pen: Yes, please!
e.      Plot: Scratch my head

Varsha Dixit's book 'Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right' is available at:

About the interviewer Sanchita Sen
Sanchita Sen is a journalist who has worked with several leading national dailies in India. Currently, based in Phoenix, Arizona she is finding her space in the world of authors and has co-authored two anthologies named 'Crossed & Knotted' and 'Rudraksha'.

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