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Interview with author P.G. Van about her romance novel Destiny Decides

This San Francisco based romance novelist enjoys giving her readers an escape to the world of love and romance.  Her first novel was published in October 2015, and since then she has not stopped writing. With two published books, as part of 'The Pure Destiny Series' and another published independent story, she already has a planned pipeline of romance novels. Here she speaks about why love and romance is her genre and as she decodes love, its interesting to know the author who gives life to many love stories.              
Sanchita: Since love and romance is your genre, what is your idea of a perfect date ?

P.G. Van: A date will up being perfect when you are with the right person. The setting, the excitement and the conversation are all secondary but my ideal date is when people connect and have a wonderful time. My preferred location would be by the water and a cool breeze that eases the mind while sparks fly well into the night.

Sanchita: According to you, what's the best part about being a romance writer ?
P.G. Van: Giving the readers a way to escape to a beautiful world of love and romance. The romance genre is all about how love finds its way as a couple go through many different facets of life. The reader is taken into a new world that they can relate to and feel the emotions the characters feel through the story. When readers feel those emotions, feel for the character it gives them a new perspective on things that they have to deal with in life and I feel blessed to be able to do that for my readers.

Sanchita: The endearing tone of your novels does impress readers, what or who has been your inspiration behind this ?

P.G. Van: I feel blessed to have people that care about me and are always watching out for me. I draw my inspiration from every one of my loved ones and I like to portray that in my books. I want my readers to feel the emotion around the simple things that the people in our life do for us. 

Sanchita: Do you believe that love at first sight is still a reality?

P.G. Van: Absolutely!!! I am too much of a romantic to not believe in love at first sight. Unfortunately, in this hi-tech world people form opinions about the person by an online profile or a phone conversation. I am a firm believer in the chemistry that triggers when eyes meet across the room and something tells them the connection is important.

Sanchita: What according to you are the essential ingredients of a perfect relationship?

P.G. Van: Trust is the most essential ingredient for any relationship. A person needs to be in a trusting relationship to be themselves with their partner. Once you trust the person, you know they will be there for you when you need them most and will love you to eternity to make the relationship perfect.

Sanchita: Your take on what goes wrong, where, when two people who had once been deep in love decide to part ways after years of marriage/ relationship?

P.G. Van: Every time I hear about a couple that decided to part ways after being together for many years, I wonder if they gave up too easily. There is no formula for a successful relationship, its what you do to make it work and work well. Any kind of relationship requires attention and nurturing every step of the way and it is sad to see when couples start to drift apart because of the mundane things we need to handle in life.
Granted there are times where it's best for the couple to part ways but every couple needs to give their relationship a chance before giving up on it.

Sanchita: Your favorite romance writer?

P.G. Van: I read a lot of romance novels over the years but I have to say my favorite romance writer is Kay Thorpe. I was an Robin Cook & Jackie Collins addict and never considered Mills & Boons as a substantial read until I read a book by Kay Thorpe. Her stories are interesting, they don't have the regular dominant hero and a damsel in distress but strong characters with a good story line.

Sanchita: What is the next project that your are working on?

P.G. Van: Destiny Decides.. is part one of 'The Pure Destiny Series' and Destiny Embraces.. is part two that was published earlier this year. I anticipate two more books in this series. 
After I released part 2 of The Pure Destiny Series I worked on an independent story 'The Evil Twin?' and it is available in Amazon. The book I am currently working on is also an independent story 'A Reckless Night' and will be published soon. I hope to get back to 'The Pure Destiny Series' right after that.

Rapid fire round (The first thing that comes to mind when you hear these words)
    a. Love - Its all you'll ever need and can never have too much
    b. Coffee - The words flow faster after just one cup
    c. Rain - Smell of the first monsoon rains in India
    d. Sunset - Romantic evening on the beach
    e. Hero - Strong, Caring, Daring & Scorching HOT!!

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Sanchita Sen is a journalist who has worked with several leading national dailies in India. Currently she is finding her space in the world of authors and has co-authored two anthologies named 'Crossed & Knotted' and 'Rudraksha'.

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