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Hidden Passion By Summerita Rhayne

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Historical genre is one of my favorite genres. Having devoured Barbara Cartland,Anna Campbell, Eloisa James, Julia Quinn and Sarah Maclean, I was a bit skeptical when I got this book for review from the Author, Summerita Rhayne. I was all prepared for a demure heroine and a lot of  'priye', 'pitashri' and 'mrignayani' thrown in. For those who are wondering what the words mean, its 'love', 'Father' and 'Doe-eyes' respectively. And before any of you snicker, the regency novels are full of them too. But somehow we have made it into a joke in our Indian genre. So I promised myself to read this with an open mind and accept the fact that there was a time when people did use these words.

Sizzling Chemistry..
"She had an impulse to trace those planes and angles. His mouth.... she blushed at the thought of how it might feel to have it touch her. She was an innocent as princesses were expected to be."
.... and thank god she isn't. She is spunky, knows her mind and is a rebellion. All the ingredients I like in a girl (except in my daughter..PJ) Rukmini is portrayed as girl who follows her heart. She is depicted as an huntress, seductress and above all a woman who can fight her own battle. She had me lusting after Devesh and mock Pala, one of her suitors. I applauded when she questioned her father regading her marriage.  Her words,
"I select everything I own myself, my clothes,my jewellery. Why can't you allow me to choose the man I wish to marry?"  
The above line shows very clearly that her upbringing had been very forward compared to those days yet marriage is one space where she is not given the rights. Why?

Social Standings

From time immemorial, we have given too much importance to the social standing of a person. Easier said than done for everyone wants a better life their children. Suppressing my bourgeoisie mentality as I read about Devesh, I could very well see her attraction for him. His rise from a farmer to being a king can be a very interesting subject, if the author had so wished to explore.  But keeping it in the lines of the romance, he cuts a dashing figure as lover, friend, king and a savior of his tribe. 

Do Away with the Society

Having read all the books of Summerita Rhayne, I see a growth in her writing. Her writing is tighter, her characters are well placed and the most of her secondary characters come when they need to without boring explanations as to why they are needed. In this genre, it is very easy to spread out, to make your imagination run wild. But reigning those thoughts and keeping the focus on the protags makes historical romances different from Historical fictions.

Kiss Formula

Keep you dirty minds away. I don't mean that they keep on kissing. The author has literally followed the Keep it Simple Stupid style. The princess who knows what she wants, the King who is bound between love and duty and a conflict will they or won't they. You cannot go wrong with this formula. So if you are looking for your world to change after reading this book, please don't. But a few hours of a beautiful romance and a cuppa is definitely guaranteed. 


Well researched, well edited and well presented. The author has taken time to do a bit of research of the clothes worn durig those times. The ambiance has been set right and the romance is sizzling.

Would I recommend this Book?

If you love only Romance - No. But if you are a lover of Historical Romance.- A Must Read. 

The Saying That Stayed With Me

"You've been a wanderer too long. Your spirit rebels against settling down even when your heart compels it But tell yourself, you aren't tying yourself down if you follow your heart.  You're only on a new adventure ....."

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