Thursday, April 16, 2015

And We Remained by Asad Ali Junaid

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Time Travel...
Writers are very blessed. With a few strokes of a pen or jamming on a keyboard one can time travel. Reliving your memories of the days bygone makes one think of all the hits and misses that one has experienced in life. This story is like a two-way street, in which the author makes us travel back and forth, throughout the novel. The excitement of a college life, the fears, the tribulations all turn out to be the background of this story.

The characters came to life...
The author has not restricted the POV to the protagonist. It's almost like small patches woven together to make a quilt. Warm, fuzzy and very relatable. How many of us can truly say that college life is only our experience? Youth is selfless and as a result it shapes the person not for what he or she has done but what has been done to him or her. Sahir Hasan had experienced all these things in his college life which has shaped him to be the man he was  in his 30s. Each chapter is the POV of one of the friends and all culminate to project their college days.

Some cuts are too deep...
One bad experience can take over your life. Here too there was such a case which could have really spoiled the lives of all those involved. But young hearts heal very quickly. 

"We stopped imagining eyes following and whispers behind our backs wherever we went. Our limp stopped showing. Our bruises turned from red to purple and then merged with the colour of our skin."

A Soft Love Story...
What is a campus story without a love story? The story of Wardha, Sahir and Sandeep has been woven across the many educational, social activities, political activities that goes on inside a college campus. No words or emotions has been exchanged between these three characters but the underlining emotion of love has been beautifully portrayed. The ending has been unexpected too.....

Unusual technique of writing...
'It's different' certainly not a cliche in this novel. The author has mixed various styles of writing in which not only the actions of the protagonists but also the thoughts move the story forward. While many people are talking about the email method used in the story. I found another technique very amusing. Shall I call it 'the look' technique?

Me: "What??? You can't be serious!!!" look.
Sahir: Still the "Should I???" look.
Sahir: "All good with you???" look.
Me:"Why do you care…???" look.
Now some of you might find it "breaking the rules", but I found it rather entertaining.


1. Keeping up with too many characters got confusing at some point of time. 

2. Growth of the characters did not keep up with the time frame of the story. Sahir did not mature much as a character. I can overlook the email chats between friends. I am sure most of us, when we meet our college friends, are more willing to talk about what we did in college rather than about our bread and butter. But Sahir's character affected me the most since he came across as the responsible one- till his thoughts about Wardha, after a 15 years of gap, emerged. He was still thinking in those lines !! Or is it the beginning of another story? Time will tell :)

 Note to the author: 
OK pardon me.. This is the voice of a married woman, who expects her hubby to behave when he sees his ex-girlfriend and not do a slow dance. The same law does not apply to married women. :)

Would I Recommend This Book..
A very bieezy read that will entertain you. And Time Travel is the addes bonus..:) How can you not think of your college days when you read such stories.

Line that stayed with me:
It was at that moment – seeing her unkept hair and a crumpled dress with a cast on her leg, helpless and hurt in the hospital – she went from being attractive to beautiful.



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