Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What is it that I really want to say?

This Post is Written for Wordy Wednesday #1 at B-A-R

This letter is for all those who stand watching on the streets -a girl being raped, humiliated or Eve-teased.

Dear Bystanders, 

I am so sorry that you're neglected by every media channels, the police and the social network. Oh you brave souls, no one understands how much courage it took for you to stand for hours just to watch a girl being humiliated by a few goons. Aila, you are no Amitabh Bacchan or Akhshay Kumar. How can you be expected to jump in to fight with a few guys? God has given you only one set of organs and no spare parts. Don't you dare lose them. Who the f*&%$ is she? She was drunk,, roaming in the night and it is only fair that a few guys have some fun at her cost. No issues. You are but a bystander. 

Now if some one doubts your humanity, blame the society. The police  harasses you if you report an incident.  So keep your mouth shut, till a daugher in your house is not humiliated in the same way. One thing I find very funny - the love the journalists have for a story. They would rather watch the action through their lenses rather than stop the girl. Aha.. I see the same looks again. Kya be? Am I Amitabh Bacchan? Oppss.. sorry!

I wonder what I will do under such circumstances. It's so easy to poke those sedate, zombie like bystanders. Will I be the part of a crowd or will I try to stop them? Are words easier said than enacted?  I don't know. For I have not faced such a situation. I can only say one thing.... I don't want to be a bystander ... I was to be the one to kick some asses. Maybe I'm a dreamer. I don't know . I cannot even imagine the scenario - where my blood will not boil when a young girl is molested in public. I cannot imagine watching with a grin, while a camera records everything, wondering if I will be in the news that evening. 

Check the video - see the shameless grins on their faces. Oh sorry.. that is I am on TV smile.. for some idiot must have recorded it rather than stopping the show. 

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