Friday, January 2, 2015

PK - Creativity or a Satire?

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Today I went to see PK. For a movie with an universal message, this sure has a 'desi' twang. I missed the beginning 5 minutes of the movie. Mutt me, had booked the tickets online for the AMC theaters. I hate online bookings. Always end up doing something wrong. This time too I lived up to my own image of myself. The movie was right, the timings were perfect, had punched in the right credit card number - so what went wrong? I had booked it in the next city !! How I manage to do this - is a tale by itself. All I can say for now -is that it is an art by itself and takes special people like me to execute them :D

I had heard  a lot about PK. I knew it had an alien, a satiric presentation on our own personal 'God Men' (my personal favorite) and above all Aamir Khan. So amidst great hullabaloo and screaming and tears (my little one hates going to the movies. He sits through it till the popcorn lasts), we managed to drive 50 miles to the Glendale AMC Theatre. 

When I entered the theatre, I thought I had entered the wrong theatre box. As my eyes adjusted to the dark, I could see a few rows dotted by Americans. In the dark, only the ones with golden hair were visible- sparkling as the ray of light from the projector on the wall lightly kissed the silken threads. Now I don't think to watch Aamir Khan, one has to wear a wig and come -unless Aamir has specifically declared that he is partial to blondes. So here I was watching a Hindi movie with a room full of Americans. Now that is Bollywood going global! 

PK kept me entertained throughout. Though at times, I had to steer my little Ritz part 2 away from the screen. There was a condom education scene and I am still debating with the Indian, old fashioned mother in me if sex education should be taught so young. 

But the movie sure has a message and I could see even my American counterparts understanding and agreeing with the ideologies presented. Of course, we Hindu's came out as the most tolerant lot but if any one of us had expected anything else then you really need a lesson on Toleration Power of the Hindus. 

Now that I have joined Sudarshan Kriya and positivity is becoming a part of my life - I have decided to analyses this movie on that basis. For this movie has a lot to say. One question which really touched my heart was should we worship the God who made us or the one whom we made. This is applicable to all religion. And it is high time we all look into this. 

The actors all did justice to their part. Boman Irani too, in his small role, left an imprint as he always does. I just wish I could say the same thing for Sanju Baba. But then Sanju is always a pleasure to watch, whether he really does something or not is of no consequence. 

My only request is to the Aliens out there - that we think you are an advanced race who acts stupid and behaves and talks like a moron is not really true. That is Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani's version. I am sticking to Yargo by Jacqueline Susann. Tall, handsome and bald :D

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