Thursday, January 29, 2015

No Boyfriends, Please

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"Ma, we need to talk!" Aditi told her mom softly.

"About?" Asha stopped folding the clothes, "don't tell me you have flunked in political science quizz."

"Na Ma. You were right. The bells do ring in your heart!"

Asha stared at the radiant face of her daughter, as if seeing her after a long time. There was an unusual sparkle in her eyes- like the morning dew adds a sparkle on the rose petals. Her skin was radiant- a touch of a red hue adding a natural blush to her skin tone.

"What do you mean by a bell ringing in your heart?" Asha asked cautiously. Her heart already knew the answer, but she was so scared - this was too soon. She was not prepared to give her daughter a talks about the bees and the birds.

"Mamma, it's a wonderful experience. That moment my whole world got cocooned in those four words."

Four words? Asha gave a nervous flick to the pillow cover. Some good-for-nothing must have told their innocent daughter I love you, Aditi and this idiot must have fallen for the age old trap. "I send you to school to study, not hear four words."

"Comon mumma, don't be a glitch!"

Glitch? What the heck! Asha turned furiously towards her daughter. "Is this the way to talk to your mother? No wonder you are back asnwering nowadays. Who is he?"

Aditi looked bewidered. "Who is who?" 

"The idiot who has shown you the world through a rose-colored specatacles."

"Mumma, what the heck! Yikes mom.. I am just 14.. "

Asha stoped, confusion resulting in a small frown playing between her brows. "Then what are you talking about?"

"My teacher. He said in front of the whole class that." Aditi curls her index finger in both the hands and glares at Asha and after a dramatic pause states, "quote - you have come first -unquote."

Asha turns a shade of beetroot red. "Uh oh. Great news." she mumbles. She turns and goes back to her folding of clothes.  Then seeing her daughter's fallen face goes over and gives her a hug. "Sorry sweetheart. But as a mother I worry too much. You are too young to have boyfriends and I don't want you to ruin your career. "

"Yes mom, I understand. Don't worry about it." Aditi hugged her mom and started going out of the room. Then she stopped on the  doorway, " Mumma when did you meet Dad?"

The beetroot color was back on Asha's face. 

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At February 8, 2015 at 2:40 AM , Anonymous Ajay Pai said...

How come Asha's mom, did not understand that curious quizzing of her daughter? Strange. Asha, am sure has a boy friend and she has cleverly hidden from her mom.

At February 9, 2015 at 11:32 AM , Anonymous Ina Tales said...

Ajay, Asha is the mom .. :P


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