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Rapid Fall by Adiana Ray

Rapid Fall

by Adiana Ray

The Blurb
  Sonia and JD’s tempestuous attraction is as stormy as the rapids at Rishikesh. Not even a dip in icy waters can douse the sparks that fly when they are around each other.

JD’s recent divorce, however, has left him commitment phobic and bitter, and he doesn’t seem to want more than a physical relationship. At heart, Sonia is conservative; can she bring herself to accept a modern ‘live-in’ relationship, or will she push him away with her demands for a commitment?

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The Story:
JD is a workaholic, divorcee living his life centered around his work. His only regret is that his ex-wife Sakshi does not let him meet his daughter, Rohini. But he has accepted his way of life - till a fiery shrew did not lash out at him.

Enters Sonia, a small town girl making her living in the 'big bad city of Mumbai.'  A virgin at the age of 30, she feels her life is perfect till she does not meet the arrogant tour guide in Rishikesh.

JD was substituting for his friend, who was lying in the hospital with a broken leg. Passion flares the moment he sees her at the airport to the extent of him feeling jealous as Sonia's co-worker pays her more attention than required. They get into many spats - both trying their best to cover their feelings for each other.

After leaving Rishikesh, both  meet in Mumbai again, this time not designed by Fate but JD himself. But all said and done, JD does not want a permanent relationship, but just a fling. Where as Sonia, at of age of 30, has fallen head over heels in love with JD.

Sonia comes as a very strong character. Her life in Mumbai is very relatable for any Indian, working girl in Mumbai. I loved the way Adiana has touched small details like how Sonia thinks she has to reach home on time before the nightfall, without making her sound like a damsel in distress. 

On the other hand, I could not understand, why Sonia was a weeping willow in front of JD. OMG, I am getting old and forgetting the turmoils of first love!) But then at Sonia's age, I did expect more maturity. Well, love sees no reason. But I do applaud her stand against JD's boorishness. 

JD is one heck of a character. If I had to analyze JD's character he would come out more of a taker than a giver. So he falls a bit short in the level of  my admiration in front Sonia. Women power and all, We women are sticking together. :D

The passion between them is a burning livewire and executed very well. The language of the book and the editing is superb and a pleasure to read.  Though the title 'Rapid Fall' suggests a more outdoor kind of name but keeping in mind that they met at the Rapids, the title is apt enough. 

Any peeves? Hmmm. Maybe one.. the attraction that had flared between Sonia and JD was too sudden. His jealousy and her tears would have been more subtle has they occurred a bit later in their relationship. But in a novella, I suppose it can be overlooked. A damn good action packed read for any romance lover.

Meet the Author

The Author's Thoughts

'Sixteen and counting' are the number of cities that I have lived in so far. I like to think of myself as a 'Metronaut'. The myriad city cultures, the food, the hustle and bustle, the people are all elements of life that I thrive on and if you can have an 'Astronaut' why not a 'Metronaut' after all there are so many more of us out there?

I believe in the Zen tenet that every situation has a 1000 truths. It helps me write and it definitely helps when I am dealing with my two children. I like reading, I like cooking, I like travelling and I love sitting like a mindless zombie in front of the TV and if anybody says anything to that....Aha! a 1000 truths come in very handy.

I also write under a pen name M.X Steele. Why? My daughter thought Adiana Ray was too boring a name.

I do hope you enjoy reading all my work because I believe passionately that though we writers love pontificating and are totally in love with whatever we write; at the end of it all it is the readers that matter and above all what we write has to be 'entertaining'.

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