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The Return of The Rebel by Jennifer Faye

Name of the Book : Return of the Rebel

Author: Jennifer Faye
Publisher: Harlequin Romance (July 1, 2014)
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #3,542 Paid in Kindle Store
No. of Pages: 256 pgs.

Disclaimer: I got this book from the Author in exchange for my honest opinion.


The guy from the wrong side of the tracks…

Being promoted should be a dream come true, it only means working closely with Cleo's childhood crush, Jax Monroe. Jax may no longer be the rebel she remembers, but he still gets her heart racing like no other.

Jax cares too much about Cleo to let her get too close—but keeping his distance is proving impossible! As Jax reveals the extent of what he's been through, will Cleo show him that some things are too precious to put off until tomorrow?



Cleo Sinclair represents all women who are trying to live their lives in their own terms. She grew up in a farm and her whole family was involved in that. But she knew she wanted more. She wanted to see the world and make a mark for herself. With her childhood sweetheart already gone in pursuit of his dreams, she had nothing to stay in the small town for. But her action caused a family tragedy and even if she was not to be blamed for it, she bore the shame of being 'the accused.'

Cutting off from her family, she started working at one of Las Vegas's most luxurious establishments. She knew her family would not approve of her work and she never told them. But fate had other plans for her. She came face to face with Jax Monroe - her childhood sweetheart. Much to her surprise, he insisted on using an alias. Fearing the worst, she soon found out that his life was in danger. In more ways than one.

Jax on the other hand, tried his best to keep away from the girl whom he knew from back home. Things had changed for him ever since. It was not that he was not attracted to her, but he knew his life could be cut short anytime.

But when love is meant to be, nothing can stop the Fates from working  towards the goal of bringing  the lovers together.  But could the Fates work against Death ?


Both Cleo and Jax are very well defined character. Cleo is strong, determined and possesses just the right amount of vulnerability. Where as Jax is strong, protective and inspite of being the alpha hero of Mills and boon- has his own fears and drawbacks. This makes the characters very relatable

I love the way both of them support each other. A perfect ingredient for a successful couple. Here I have a favorite scene. The way Jax tries to patch up between Cleo and her family, especially her mom. His sensitivity and his humane nature are laudable.

After a long time I have come across a hero had more than just brawn to offer. His 'problems' has been handled very without making the reader feel sorry for him. Thsi story reminded me of one of my first Mills and Boon - Blind Man's Buff by Victoria Gordan.

Waiting for your next one Jennifer Faye !

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