Thursday, March 20, 2014

SheReadsSA: Calling Out To All Women Writers and Readers

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As Told by Naheed Hassan, Indireads

Dear Friends,

We envision She Reads South Asia as a platform that brings together women readers in support of women writers. The aim is to create an active and supportive community of women readers and encourage them to share what they are reading and writing. We want the community to share and discover books and authors, articles and blogs and support all the women who are writing.

All the writers will benefit from the aggregation of followers who are readers and therefore the relevant target market for all women writers.

Towards this end we ask you to:

1. Use the #SheReadsSA hashtag when writing or reviewing books by women authors
2. Use the #SheReadsSA hashtag to recommend or shareinteresting blogposts by womenbloggers
3. Post links on the She Reads South Asia Facebook page
4. Link your blog to the She Reads South Asia website ( using the badge created for this purpose – information is shared below. We will link right back to you.

Look forward to your help in supporting SheReadsSA and making it an independent,sustainable, vibrant, and entirely community-led initiative owned by its participating readers and writers.

She Reads South Asia Blog Badge

A number of bloggers who are supporting She Reads South Asia also suggested that we create and share a badge that they can display on their blogs. The badges have now been created and are at As you know, this badge identifies you and your blog as a supporter of South Asian women writers. Once you have put up the badge on your blog, please let us know so that we can add your blog to the public list that we will put-up, with links to all the blogs. Over time, this will drive even more traffic to your blogs, as part of this community.

Pick one of four badges to add to your site. All you need to do is copy and paste the code next to each image to your website. The images are transparent and will not have a white background behind them.


SheReadsSouthAsiaGet your sheread South Asia badge Here


SheReadsSouthAsiaGet your sheread South Asia badge Here


SheReadsSouthAsiaGet your sheread South Asia badge Here


SheReadsSouthAsiaGet your sheread South Asia badge Here

Let all us all unite under the She Reads South Asia - where both women readers and writers will have a voice and a platform to discuss what we love most ... BOOKS.

An Initiative by Indireads 



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