Wednesday, March 12, 2014

LJ Idol: Week 0: Who am I?

Who am I ?

One of the most toughest questions I have had to face.

The Daughter....

 I was born as a daughter -in India. Joined family system cushioned me against the negatives aspects of life. Loved and pampered I grew up to be a teenager. The age of terror. :)

Tomboyish and a bit overdramatic, I had a flair for all the odd thngs in life. Running in the rain, hating my curly,long tresses to be tamed, bullying my younger bro, trying to snort my Dad's cigerrette and after being caught putting the blame on my cousin. (He hasn't forgiven me yet.). Life was an adventure till I got married.

The Wife....

Then started the roller coaster ride. From India to The United Kingdom, From UK to The Netherlands, Malaysia and finally Arizona, USA. It is a miracle I found time to produce two kids.:) But such travels had some disadvantages too. We have seen the whole world, but we wanted a home. Friends marvelled at our travelogue, we marveled their old, rickety grandad's chair. We didn't have anything old in our house. We always moved, giving up our things to the charity.We were rich in Geograhy and poor in History. :)

The Mother....

As a wife I loved travelling. But the mother in me started feeling guilty. I enjoy a sedate life in Arizona now. My life and days filled by a naughty six year old and a ahem.. 14 year old.(history revisited....:P) But I would not have had it any different. Except maybe just one thing......

The Woman...

The dormant woman in me wanted to try out something, to make a name for herself. Have a dollar note in her hand - which she had earned. But she could not . She is in a H4 visa. She does not have any idientity to work. She does  not have any identiy to fight for her rights.. for she is does not belong anywhere. She is a Dependent Visa. 

My alter ego refused to take this. My old love revisited me. (Nope, I am not running away with my ex lover, keep you naughty thoughts to yourself :P) My love for writing. I was introduced to the world of blogging by my kiddo brother. He just told me. "Write your heart out...... "  I am keeping his words. :) 

From the harrased housewife emerged a blogger, a book reiviewer. Like a woman in the first flushes of love, I feel totally intoxicated by the interactions and the constant banters I face in the world of blogging and writing. To each Blogger and Writer out there.... Thanks for introducing me to myself. Love you all....

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