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The Malhotra Bride by Sundari Venkatraman

Name of the book : The Malhotra Bride
Name of the Author : Sundari Venkatraman
Publisher: Flaming Sun; 2 edition (February 11, 2014)


Sunita Rishi’s just turned twenty, having completed her graduation. She wants to fly free as a bird, explore career options and travel the world. Does she have a choice when Mamma & Pappa insist on arranging her marriage? Born in a rich business family steeped in tradition, Sunita has a tough job on her hands. Can she stop the tide?

Tall, dark and handsome, Akshay Malhotra is the catch of the decade. The only son of Billionaire Raj Malhotra, he’s in a strange fix. His father’s keen that Akshay meets Sunita with marriage in mind. He’s too close to his parents to say ‘no’ for the preliminary meeting. And then he comes face-to-face with Sunita….

Will Sunita be falling from the frying pan into the fire when she agrees to become The Malhotra Bride?

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Sundari Venkatraman, has taken a leap into the self publishing world with her second novel, 'The Malhotra Bride.' When this book, landed on my Kindle, the first thing that striked me is the cover of the book. Illustrated by Mr. Prashant Kamble, this scene depicts an Indian marriage ritual being performed. A scene of 'Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jayenge' flashes in my inward eye. Got my bag of popcorn and clicked on the book in my Kindle and was soon  introduced to Sunita and Akshay.


She is Sunita, a young girl from a rich business class family. Though very much loved by her family, she has one problem. She's bound by family traditions which are nothing short of male domination. [Itching to give a long lecture here, but don't want to divert from the topic :)] Sunita wants to work, but due to parental pressures, she is forced to agree to an arranged marriage. She does not take this kindly.


He is Akshay Malhotra - the scion of the Malhotra family. The rich guy who is NOT a brat! He has a loving relationship with his parents, hard-working and OMG! without any vices. God! Make more like him, please. When he hears about his parent's arranging a marriage for him, he is a bit hesitant but when his dad insists he agrees to 'see'the girl.[This is another debatable topic.]

And he falls in love…

The love story…

So, the boy meets girl and falls in love. End of story :) popcorn is finished and time to go home.

But did I not tell you she wants to work and not marry. I wasn't bluffing, dear readers. When they meet for the first time, Sunita does tell Akshay that.!

Akshay is stunned. Here he was in love and this beautiful girl didn't want to marry him. So, what could a guy do? Think like a businessman that he was of course! Akshay proposes to Sunita but uh..... Not as a regular marriage proposal. You really think I'm going to tell you further than this? :)


Dear Sundari,

I loved your book. There were times I had an indulgent smile on my face. (I am reviewing, to hell with POV errors :)) seeing the love story unfolding between two characters who are so meant to be together and they don't know about it. There were times when I was angry with Sunita's father and clapped for Akshay's parents. There were times when Dadaji made me want to get up and hug him and the marriage rituals invoke many visualizations.

The characters are real and down to earth. The storyline is cute and straight. A love story between two characters who are meant to be.

But, what was not expected was the sudden 'attack' on Akshay. It took me a few moments to realize the sudden twist and after this twist the speed of my reading increased and I really wanted to know would he or wouldn't he.

Would I recommend this book - Definitely, with a cup of coffee, a soft music humming at the  background, this book would fit right into the mood. Uh! A bit of drizzle would be great for your visualization.... :)

And oh yes! Forgot one thing. Sundari has really has been very naughty in this book. I'm still blushing......

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At February 27, 2014 at 12:25 PM , Anonymous NAV said...

:D Totally agree with you on every aspect. God needs to make more like Akshay. Slap Sunita's father, pat Akshay's parents, hug Dadaji, give tapli to Sunita for being naive & naughty, clap Akshay for being the perfect romantic hero.
The 'attack' took me by suprise too. Want to go & get the first edition to compare, but dont want to spoil my visualization... haha naughty me too :D

At March 5, 2014 at 11:57 PM , Blogger Sundari Venkatraman said...

Hi Rubina,
thanks for the wonderful review. I am so glad you liked my book. Will definitely keep your feedback in mind while writing my next. :D

At March 17, 2014 at 11:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

the review actually wants me to pick the book an read it right now


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