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Meet Tuki from Parul Sharma's Tuki's Grand Salon Chase

Tuki's Grand Salon Chase by Parul Sharma

Seven Days and Six nights Tuki has been adorning our Facebook page, different blogger's site and our blog. Parul Sharma the creator of our Tuki has given various interviews on her thoughts as a writer. And from behind her the simple girl Tuki always stared at me. I wanted to know her. What made her like this? Why did she go to Goa and what did she further want to do? So I decided to ask the character herself instead of her maker. 

Meet Tuki, a simple girl In Parul's world of story.......

Dear Tuki,

Welcome to our Salon. Tell us something about yourself?

Thank you. Myself Tuki....no wait, Farida said that's not correct. I am Tuki aka Tulika Athavle. I am a hairstylist, a pretty good one too. I guess you could say I am a girl with a dream. Sometimes I am also a keeper of secrets.

You were working before? Ah, I see that in your resume. Tell us why did you leave this job?

Yes, I was working at Nancy's Factory, the Bandra one. That was before, uh, something happened that shouldn't have and I, uh, sort of had to leave in a hurry. Anyway, all that is in the past now. Moushumi looks better than ever. Short hair becomes her. Okay, maybe I shouldn't have said that.

You were in Goa? What made you leave Mumbai and go to Goa?

Why does anyone leave Mumbai and go to Goa? They are all seeking escape. So was I, escape from complicated people and unpleasant situations. Of course, it happened largely also because Bijoy asked me to come with him. Also, if he had not agreed to let me take Kaloo, I wouldn't have agreed. Just saying, you know.

How did you find Goa? Did you get the answers you were looking for?

The Goa of Villa Portugesa and Aldona was very different from the one I was used to. It was quieter and more contemplative, sort of like my own state of mind. I don't think it helped me with answers but I did understand myself a little better by the end of that.

Did you miss the life you had left at Mumbai?

I did. I missed Baba, with his numerous DIY projects and Aai and her wonderful cooking, I missed Nancy's Factory and Ashraf and Farida and my clients and I suppose after some time, I missed the buzz and energy of Mumbai and most of all, I do think I missed Bandra.

How do you plan to realize your dream of a Grand Salon?

Well, for obvious reasons I cannot talk too much about the deal with Frond Advisors but plans are afoot and I have some pretty good ideas up my sleeve. My grand chase may end up with a grand salon after all!

Few quickies:

When friendship turns into jealousy - things are bound to get very unpleasant.

When love is not returned - it's best to look elsewhere.

When you tell a friend you don't love him - you are about to lose a friend.

When forgiveness is not in the cards for an act done against you- you better make your peace with it and move on.

When your biggest dream is about to be realized - you had better organize good champagne!

Do you plan to marry and settle down soon? Will it not then effect your salon plans?

Married! No! I mean, I am only twenty four. Honestly, I haven't thought about it. I mean, I have thought about it but not in the immediate future. For one thing, Salon Blues will take up all my energies for a few years. We also need to see what the other half feels about this, hehe.

Tell us something about your dream project?

Salon Blues is a my dream project. I want it to be the sort of place where people like Brenda can come in to get a break from their taxing lives.

Wish you all the success in your life Tuki.

Thank you.

A note to the author: Parul Sharma

Dear Parul,

Thank you for bringing our Tuki to this tete-a-tete. Your lovely Tuki will stay with us for a long time. Hope she meets all the success she rightly deserves. 

from Rubina
The Book Club.

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At February 25, 2014 at 4:43 AM , Blogger adite said...

Great Interview, Rubina. And Tuki, hope all your dreams come true! :)

At February 26, 2014 at 3:32 PM , Blogger Rubina Ramesh said...

Thanks Adite :)


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