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Bride Gone Bad by Sabine Starr

Name of the book: Bride Gone Bad

Name of the author: Sabine Starr

File Size: 730 KB

Print Length: 227 pages

Publisher: eKensington (October 3, 2013)

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Language: English


Disclaimer: I got this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.


She is Tempest. A hurricane with a cause. To stop ‘whiskey, poker and Tobacco’ from The Bend. A crusader for temperance. But she found herself in a tricky situation when she entered Red River Salon and chopped ‘Lulu’ into half. [Hilarious!!] But rather than repent about it, she stuck to her guns and justified her actions claiming to fight for families whose bread earners squandered their finances on Salons. But when the other ladies of The Ladies Benevolent Society did not come to her rescue, she was left alone in the Delaware Bend with no family or money. She had to reach the Indian territory for returning home to Jefferson was out of the question. Not only she had family members depending on her for money but also had left a bad marriage behind. But was that her only motive to undertake this journey or did she have a score to settle with someone?


He is Lucky. A treasure hunter? Or was this a cloak to hide the true nature of his work. When he came for Tempest’s rescue he had no idea about her paranormal ability. But after he did find it out, he was sure she was the only one who would be able to help him out in his quest. But would she agree for the journey which would be full of danger- both in terms of life and in matters of the heart?

The Story….

Tempest and Lucky are brought by fate to live in the Lone Star Hotel, where Lucky finds out that she has a supernatural ability – an ability he has a desperate need of. He asks her for help in return for the money she desperately needs to help her family. Once the bond is established, they start on their journey. But the deal is not enough for him to save her from the other ‘Rattler” who would be looking for her. They must become one. She had to become his LadyLove.

And she does. But is it enough to save her from Crawdaddy and Haig [not telling you who they are] ? And what about the Soleil Wheel? What is the secret of Soliel Wheel?



Though the story starts beautifully and I even liked the unexpected paranormal turn what got me down with this story was not the story itself but the love scenes. I found them very crude and out of character in terms of the character etched for Tempest. I am not having a  propaganda against the love scenes [ please we are all romance readers] but those scenes need to be woven in according to the situation. And I found that missing. It felt more like a Wham Bham to me…..Seriously Sabine? Did Lucky have to do that in the hotel room? [naughty!!!]

But if I could ignore the love making scene [God I sound such prude], the story is quite likable with all the ingredients thrown in. Love, suspense, revenge and cowboy in a paranormal situation [the wow factor]. Go for it Readers……… but be prepared for a cold shower…..

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Author Bio......

Sabine Starr rides the trails of her ancestors by horseback, four-wheeler, and jeep when she explores Wild West myths, legends, and mysteries to locate authentic excitement for her novels. She lives near the Old Shawnee Trail in Texas and in the Kiamichi Mountains of Oklahoma where she writes about lawmen, outlaws, Indians, and honky-tonk gals with a penchant for fast guns, hot guys, and daring adventures.

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