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The Amulet & The Talisman By Holly Zitting

Book 1: The Amulet

Book Description:

Adopted at birth, Emma was raised in a world where magic only existed on TV. While on a search for her birth parents, Emma meets James, the mayor's nephew. An accident involving James occurs, leading her to discover that she's at the center of an ancient prophecy, the Amulet. Simon, a guide sent by the Witches Council interjects himself into her life to teach her all about the magical world. He must protect her from the powerful Wicked and their leader Asher. James, who has a secret of his own, puts her directly in the dangerous path of the Wicked. She faces growing feelings for her guide and the knowledge that she's forbidden to be with the mortal boy she loves. What will she do when she's forced to choose between normal life, and a life full of magic and unlimited power, all before her 18th birthday?

The Story…..

Emma was an ordinary girl with ordinary day to day life. She had a loving set of parents [adoptive],who doted on her. A best friend who was inseparable from her. School life and hiking seemed to fill up her days. She was happy till she did not meet James. It was after that she found out that she was not so ordinary.

She felt James was the ultimate answer to any girl’s prayer and even in her wildest dream she did not imagine he would be interested in her. Much to her surprise not only was he interested in her but he was also ready to fight for her affection. For James did have to fight for her as he faces Simon, a mysterious stranger who seemed to be shadowing Emma everywhere.

Emma was drawn towards both James and Simon. The former she loved and the later  she felt compelled to ask for help every time she faced a problem. And boy did she have problems!!!

First she feels uneasy, a prenomination of an impending gloom, then she falls in love with both James and Simon. That is enough for a girl to go berserk but here she was stunned upon discovering that she was a witch- and not an ordinary witch at that- An Amulet.[The indestructible witch]. With this huge discovery comes many new enemies. Both the good and evil camp want her on their side.

Could she choose a side? How would her relationship with James and Simon be resolved? Will The Wicked finally destroy her? These are some of the questions which make this book quite a page turner.

My Views....

Twilight has sucked me in into the world of paranormal. I can honestly say that reading The Amulet has not disappointed me. Thank god there was no blood gushing out of someone or people saying cheers with an antique goblet filled with blood!

In fact it is rather sweet. The relationship between the three characters [Emma, James and Simon] was rather sweet and complex. Though I found it a bit tedious by the way Emma was being indecisive about them both,[though I don’t blame her, they were both gorgeous.:)]

The story has  good build up which would keep the readers turning the page. There  is also a good visualization presented by the author,[ or was it my overactive imagination?]

I loved Simon’s character- silent, powerful, warm and always there for Emma.[ of course that was his job.] But on the whole he became the main character I wanted to follow in this story. 



There were some unanswered questions for me. From the beginning , the friendship between Ashley and Emma was stressed upon and midway Ashley vanishes.

James, though characterized perfectly according to the need of the story, appeared initially as a full blown macho type who appears washed out later giving more scope to Simon for the readers to fall in love with.[ Maybe it was intentional?]

Another character was Eva. She was sometimes replaced by a shapeshifter. But when? Though out she appears negative [only in attitude] but if she seems to have no influence on anyone. So if she is being taken over by a shapeshifter, should not she be having some say in the story. [Okay, I liked her character and I wanted to know more about her, so sorry to sound petulant about it.]

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Book 2: The Talisman

Book Description:

Emma’s 18th birthday is quickly approaching. Her decision to side with the Council or the Wicked grows more and more dangerous. In her continued attempts to keep those she loves safe, she is injured. Simon, Peter and those who believe in the Amulet must find a way to save her. But time is running out for Emma and pushes them to risk it all. Their journey will lead them to a new power, a reunited love and dangers at every step. Will the Talisman be enough to save Simon’s love? Or will it be the end of the Amulet?

The Story…..

The saga continues….

Emma is now a powerful witch. Though she has not got her full powers yet, but she has come to terms with her being a witch. She has reunited with her birth mother. She is relieved to find out that she was very much loved by her but due to circumstances she had to be given up.

Her love life has changed. She could not forgive James for his betrayal and has fallen in love with Simon. [ I wish real life was so easyJ] But to give her credit, she had always loved Simon.

The Wicked are still after her. This time with more force and magic. Everyone who is coming in contact with her are either dying or falling in love with her.[ James, Cannon….] But are The Wicked only problems looming in front of her? Or is there someone in their own camp who is trying to harm Emma?

My View on The Talisman….

Though Emma has emerged as a witch, but her powers are not fully shown. She uses her power only when she is angry or trying to protect a loved one.

There is some action in this book. A fight between The Wicked and Emma. Emma is mortally wounded and it is at this point of time The Talisman is introduced. Actually I rather loved it. The sudden twist. We know Emma is The Amulet but who is the Talisman- James? Simon? Or Emma’s………? [ J ]

The second part is more action oriented though I really wish James and Emma both had more part to play.[ magical part]. What I found different in this series that evil side has also been given emotions. Not only evil, ugly feelings but tender ones too. Love, yearning for a loved one, fear and many more. They are not some monsters out on a killing mode. This makes the series a gentle and a happy read. You can concentrate on the love story without gulping down your bile when some one is sucking out blood.



Again James. To insipid for a witch. I am finding it hard to believe that Emma cannot decide between them still. So what if I am championing Simon? I am still a loyal person at heart J

I found at places a bit repetitive. Whenever something related to the past had to be pointed out, a bit of the story was repeated. I felt that the author was trying to reign my thoughts as I was galloping towards the end of the story. Now for those who can barely hold themselves in check from turning to the last page – that can be pretty frustrating. I wanted so badly to know – James or Simon? Grrrr….. this is bad for my blood pressure…. J

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About the Author…..

“I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I have been writing in the wee hours of the night when my 6 kids were all babies. With my last one I was inspired by the Red Rock Mountains in Southern Utah. I started writing and my 12 year old (at the time) found it. She wrote on the bottom ‘FINISH IT!!!’ Every day I would write more and she would repeat it.

It became The Amulet.

I am currently living and loving Oregon. I have 6 kids and a wonderful husband of 16 years. I hope you will love my stories as much as I do!” –Holly Zitting

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